Friday, May 11, 2007

Tyrosine Kinase Disorder Seminar, PBL, and POD

Our seminar this morning was pretty good. We were divided up into four groups of eight, and the seminar was led by a hematologist along with an immunologist. He made the seminar a lot more clinically-oriented than most of them are. Plus, the hematologist my group got happens to have been one of my communications preceptors, and he's a pretty cool guy in general. He was discussing the clinical aspects of the disease that our PBL patient had, so it was really useful for PBL too.

Speaking of PBL, our patient died for the second week in a row. The stupid thing about it is that she died because she had an accident. While she was in the hospital for surgery, she ran out of her study medication from the clinical trial and somehow, no one noticed. The most aggravating part is that the medication she was getting was actually working too.

Our POD talk was about problems with macrophages in the alveoli of the lungs. It was ok, though it would have been better if the speaker had told us more about her career and showed us fewer slides of data. I met with my PA afterward to go over the portfolio essay drafts that were due yesterday. That's about it. I'm really tired and very glad it's the weekend!

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