Saturday, September 30, 2006

FAQ #11: Do CCLCM Students Play Sports?

Yes, definitely. It's not always easy to find time to work out, but you can do it with some planning. If you're into sports, you will have no problem finding things to do here. I would guess that about half of my classmates and I use the Walker gym at CCF on a regular basis. (I generally go three times a week.) It's free for students to belong, and there is a weight room, a swimming pool, a cardio room, a basketball court, a small indoor track, and locker rooms with showers. You can rent a locker for $50 a year, and it's worth it for the convenience of being able to leave your stuff there. It's almost never very busy in there, except right around 5 PM when the CCF staff get off from work. One other thing that I like about Walker is that they give you free towels to use while you work out or shower, too.

We are technically Case students, so we can also use their Veale gym for free. Veale is a lot bigger than Walker, but it's also a lot more crowded during the week because the Case undergrads can use it too. I usually only go there on weekends. Veale has all kinds of extra stuff, including racquetball courts, a large and really nice indoor track, two indoor swimming pools, a nice power lifting room, and just overall more equipment than Walker has. There are also outdoor fields where people play soccer and football. There is a second gym at Case called One-2-One, and it is probably the nicest gym of all, but you have to pay to go there. I don't think any of my classmates do it, although I know that some of the CCLCM upperclassmen have gotten group memberships there in the past.

Some of my classmates are planning to join an intramural soccer league. I know there is another group of them that regularly goes golfing too. There is a Case student running club, and also a CCLCM running club. And it seems like even the people who don't like working out themselves still like watching sports if nothing else.

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