Saturday, October 07, 2006

FAQ #12: What Kinds of Stats (MCATs, GPAs, USMLEs) Do CCLCM Students Have?

I get asked this question a lot, and the good news is that I can finally answer it, at least in part. Regarding the MCAT and GPA averages, unfortunately all I can tell you is that our application stats are lumped in with the UP students' stats. There are no separate published stats for CCLCM students versus UP students. So you will have to look in your MSAR to find out what the current stats are for the combined UP/CCLCM/MSTP previous entering class, and that's the only information that is available about our stats. Dr. Franco, our admissions dean, stresses that CCLCM has no minimum MCAT limit. In other words, your application here will be considered even if your MCAT is lower than the CWRU average published in the MSAR. There are some schools that do set minimums for MCAT scores, so if you're concerned about this, you should definitely check with the schools where you're applying.

Now for the good part, which is the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) scores. If you're interested enough in CCLCM to have been reading through my blog, you probably already know that no one has graduated yet from the program. Our first class is currently in their third year, and they are the only ones who have taken Step 1 of the boards, which is the first of three parts of the USMLE that all American allopathic medical students must pass in order to become licensed physicians. At most schools, medical students take Step 1 during the summer after they finish their second year of medical school. Our schedule is the same here, although a couple of the M3s received permission to take the test later, which is why no score information was released before now. We just got an email from the dean a couple of days ago informing us that all of our M3s passed, and that their average score was higher than last year's national average. (They didn't tell us how much higher it was.) The national first time pass rate for Step 1 at all med schools is 92%, and ours was 100%. If any of you M3s are reading this, way to go! You're going to be a tough act for the rest of us to follow.

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Anonymous said...

Average USMLE score for class of 2009 was ~230

not too shabby....