Saturday, October 21, 2006

FAQ #14: What Is Your Typical Clinical Block Schedule Like?

This post complements the one from last summer where I described our summer research block schedule. Our schedule now is very different, as you are already aware if you've been reading my blog. What follows is my own schedule. My classmates' schedules are more or less similar, and I've pointed out the things I do that are optional. Some of my classmates do other optional things like research in the lab, shadow physicians, or hold regular study groups. The hardest thing is that there are always more activities that you'd like to do than there is time to do them all. That balance is something you have to find no matter where you go to medical school.

8AM-9:50AM Anatomy Lab
10AM-11:50AM PBL
3PM-5PM Anatomy Office Hours (this is optional, and sometimes I go instead on Tuesday between 3-5PM on the weeks when I don't have clinic)

8AM-9:30AM FCM (the fluff class I'm always complaining about)
10AM-11:50AM Seminar
1PM-5:30PM Clinic (some of my classmates have their clinic days on M, W, or R afternoons)

8AM-9:50AM Seminar
10AM-11:50AM PBL
1PM-5PM Clinical Skills (every other week on the weeks when we don't have actual clinic)

Off-there are optional anatomy office hours from 3-5PM, but I never go on Thursdays.

8AM-9:50AM Seminar
10AM-11:50AM PBL
12:15-1:15PM POD (that's the research seminar with free lunch)
1:15-1:30PM Orientation for the following week
2PM-5PM CHI (the student-run free clinic-optional-I am doing this once a month, but other people go more or less often)

During the four days that I do have classes, I typically am at school from about 7:30AM until about 5 or 6 PM. I always plan and want to go home earlier, but a lot of times it just doesn't happen that way. Sometimes I wind up staying much later for other optional events like seminars or meetings. It's a very busy schedule because we also have to find time to read and prepare our PBL objectives. I still study at least for a few hours every day, but I get the most studying done on Thursdays and weekends for obvious reasons. I love having those Thursdays off. I'm not sure why we have Thursdays off in particular. I guess it's a Case thing, because the UP students have Thursdays off too. But I love Thursdays the way that most people love Saturdays.

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