Friday, April 27, 2007

Extreme Seminars, PBL, POD, and Meeting with My PA

Our first seminar this morning was pretty cool. It was on male erection and ejaculation, and really, how can any seminar leader go wrong with a topic like that? Unfortunately, the second seminar was led by the same pharmacist we all complain about continuously. This guy probably COULD actually make a seminar about erections and ejaculation boring. But he was lecturing to us on the pharmacology of bone agents, and that really IS a kind of boring topic. And to make matters worse, his answer for one of this week's SAQ questions is wrong. I double-checked it in the pharm book.

The PBL case ending was kind of anti-climactic. This is the end of the Endo/Repro block, and we are also starting new PBL groups on Monday along with the new block. This will be the Heme/Micro/Immunology block. I'm looking forward to that.

I thought our POD talk today was excellent. The speaker didn't go through tons of slides. He started out by telling us his life story, and it was pretty interesting. For one, he was just a really funny, deadpan kind of guy. You just didn't know what he was going to say next. And in addition, he had been diagnosed with a serious illness while he was in graduate school, which naturally affected the way his research went. He's actually a statistician, but he did his training in the business department of his school and only got into health science applications later. Basically he looks at how to decide on the most cost-effective and optimal health care decision, and he builds models to guide clinicians in deciding how to treat their patients. This same guy was supposed to give one of the talks for my Clinical Research class a week ago, but he was out of town. It's too bad, because he was awesome.

After class, I met with my PA to go over my first two summative portfolio essays. The time is really flying by. Only seven weeks to go.


Anonymous said...

where else were you accepted for medical school?

why cclcm over your 2nd choice?

CCLCM Student said...

I was accepted to several other comparable schools and my state school. I posted about why I chose CCLCM here:

Anonymous said...

can you ask about what # you are on if on hold? (like 3/50 or 49/50) it may help with planning

CCLCM Student said...

You can try asking her, but I doubt Dean Franco will tell you. Your ranking would just change anyway as other people on the list withdraw or get accepted. Plus, I'm not even sure that the waitlisted people are numbered 1,2,3... like that anyway. I got the impression that there was a pool of people on the waitlist rather than a hard and fast line. But honestly, I don't really know. Sorry that I can't be more helpful. I know the waiting sucks.