Monday, April 30, 2007

Bacteriology, PBL, and Lunch with Mrs. Lerner

Today was the first day of our Hematology/Immunology/Microbiology block. It's the last one. Seven more weeks until this year is over! The seminar this morning was on Gram-positive bacteria. (We didn't have anatomy this week.) I really like the seminar leader, but wow, does she ever go fast. You can't believe how much material she covered in just two hours.

The PBL case has been very entertaining so far. My new PBL group has a lot of very funny people in it. I think we are all a little silly by this point in the year anyway. I wound up with the same learning objective for Wednesday that I did once for GI, which is on normal body flora. Well, at least it will be relatively easy.

After PBL, a bunch of us went to Tommy's on Coventry to have lunch with Mrs. Lerner. (For those of you moving to Cleveland or visiting in the future, I highly recommend Tommy's.) Apparently the M1s do this every year. You may already know that CCLCM was started with a $100 million donation to the Cleveland Clinic by Al Lerner, the former chairman of MBNA. Unfortunately, Mr. Lerner died in 2002 and never saw the first class of students enroll at our school. But Mrs. Lerner told us that he wanted to start a medical school because he thought that saving someone's life was the greatest thing a person could do. She told us about her own life as well, and she gave all of the M1s Cleveland Browns baseball caps. (Her husband used to own the Browns, and now her son owns them.) All I can say is that she is one very cool lady.

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