Thursday, April 26, 2007

Clinical Research and Portfolio

Today was one of those days where you ask yourself why A) you thought it was ever a good idea to come to medical school, and B) you thought it would be smart to take an extra class on top of the already intensive med school curriculum. Our clinical research protocols were due today at 5 PM, and so were our first two summative portfolio competency essays. I was mostly done with my protocol, but I still had some more work to do on the methods and abstract sections. Luckily I had already finished my portfolio essays a couple of days ago. We had our clinical research class this morning as usual. It was about statistical methods, and for the first time all semester I had not done the reading. So I was completely lost. But I spent most of the class working on my protocol anyway. Then in the afternoon, I was editing it and putting it all together, and I submitted the protocol and also the portfolio essays. We were supposed to do Research and Health Care Systems this week for our portfolios. But I wanted to hold off on Research until after this class is over so that I can include my protocol as evidence. So I did Personal Development instead.

Amazingly, I managed to get everything done by 4 PM. Don't ask me how. Then I went for dinner. Now I just feel incredibly brain dead and I'm so glad today is finally over.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody enroll in CCLCM after July? That is, summer research starts in July but official medical school curriculum does not begin until Aug/Sept.

I ask this because if there are a large number of people on hold for 32 spots, it may confer some advantage for admissions to be relatively slow in making decisions.
In any case, do you know when all final decisions are mailed out. Thanks, and keep up the good blog.

CCLCM Student said...

No. Once school starts in July, no one else will be accepted. The currently accepted students are required to drop their waitlists at other schools by the first day of orientation. (That's true at all med schools, not just here. Once you show up to a med school for orientation, you're considered to have matriculated at that school.)

Even if you could start in October (when our first clinical block starts), it wouldn't be a very good idea. We aren't just doing research over the summer: we also are taking coursework in genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology that doesn't get covered during the clinical science blocks. Plus, finishing the summer block is essential for your basic science research competency for the first year. You would basically have no evidence for that entire competency for your portfolio without the summer block.

I can double-check with Dean Franco, but I assume that anyone who is still on hold as of July 9 (the first day of orientation for 2007) will receive a rejection letter. The good news is that the hold list is apparently moving. I saw one person posted on SDN earlier this week that they got an acceptance. I'm sure some more acceptances will be coming now that it's after May 15. So if you're still waiting, good luck!

Anonymous said...

so i hear one round of rejection letters has been mailed out. will there be another round mailed out before july 9th?

it's a horrible thing to say, but the negative aspects of waiting apply both ways, if kids are on the fence (b/w one school they are accepted in and one school they're on hold at) the desire to go to the school where they're on hold diminishes with time (if the two schools are fairly equal in terms of reputation, etc).

also, it may be very inconvenient if somebody got into cclcm on lets say july 5th. will the school provide financial assistance for initial living expenses?
that is, somebody coming to cleveland and needing a place to stay asap will not have much time to shop/bargain. and hotels are expensive.

CCLCM Student said...

Sorry, but I don't know if there will be more rejections sent out before July. I assume that everyone who is on hold will stay on hold until the first day of orientation. If you're on the hold list, the adcomm liked you, and they'll keep taking people off hold as long as more spots keep opening up.

No, it's not a horrible thing to say that waiting until early July is waiting too long if that's how you feel. You have to do what you have to do. There are some people who'd be ok with getting into a school at the last minute, and other people who want several weeks or months to plan. I guess if you're not comfortable with waiting until the last minute (and I don't blame you, because I wouldn't be either!), then I suggest picking a day (say, June 1 or June 15) and if you still haven't heard by then, you can withdraw and go to the sure thing.

As far as I know, the school doesn't provide initial housing. Your best bet in that case would be to stay with a current student for a little while. If it comes down to that, ask Melissa in the admissions office for help.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if you could ask dean franco whether or not it is worthwhile to email updates not only to her, but to touch base with your interviewers (update/phone call/etc).

that is, for people on hold, is it a committee that ranks/reranks and admits people off hold. or is it really your interviewers in charge of driving home a particular candidate when the committees meet. any advice would be appreciated.

CCLCM Student said...

I asked her, and she said to just send the updates to her. Sending things to the committee members would not be beneficial. She also said that if you are still on hold and really interested in coming here, you should contact her and let her know that.

Good luck!