Friday, December 26, 2008

Research Training

This has been another slow week. My PI and I have decided that I'm definitely going to do the delirium research. Coincidentally, my class got an email earlier in the week from the CCLCM research coordinator with a link to that same geriatric research fellowship for med students. Like I said, it's only for three months, but funding is funding, and I'll be applying for another fellowship anyway. Other than that, not much is going on. Most of the first and second years are gone on vacation, so it's pretty dead here. I finished my research training on Tuesday and ran some errands. I have also been going to do post-operative delirium assessments with one of the research fellows. These patients are not demented, so it's a lot easier running the mini-mental on them than it was on the demented patients I was seeing during my geriatrics rotation!

At least it is finally warming up. Last weekend we had an ice storm and temperatures in the single digits with a -25 degree windchill. Today it's like 60 degrees. Cleveland has the craziest weather. It's no wonder that everyone I know is sick.

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