Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lunch with My PBL Group

My group's PBL tutor took us out for lunch today. We went to Cedarland, which is a really good Lebanese restaurant on campus. (For those of you who are visiting the Cleveland Clinic, you should definitely try it. It's on Euclid and 93rd by the Guesthouse, which is unfortunately the area that is under major construction right now.) After we were done eating, the tutor went around the table and predicted which field each of us would enter. I am apparently going to go into heme/onc. I actually wouldn't mind that choice, because I think hematology and oncology are both fascinating. But I'm not sure how I feel about having to do a three year medicine residency followed by a heme/onc fellowship in order to get there!

This Friday will be the end of the best PBL group I have had since I began medical school. Even though I started out as a doubter, this group really demonstrated how awesome of an experience PBL can be. Interestingly, several of my group members were also in my PSS group during our first summer of med school (summer 2006). That was a really great group too. Anyway, I won't miss going to classes next year, but this has been a great way to go out.

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