Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Day of Year 2 and Promoted to Year 3!

We had our last ever PBL session today followed by our last seminar. Then we all went to the office to get our letters. I am now officially an M3. The letter starts out like this:

Dear CCLCMer,

The Medical Student Promotion and and Review Committee met on May 16, 2008 to review your Year 2 Summative Portfolio. Based on its deliberation, the Committee determined that you met the Year 2 standards for all nine competencies and will be promoted to Year 3.

It then goes on to detail some of the specific evidence that the committee felt was particularly convincing. The last part says:

....your portfolio was well written, organized, and an excellent reflection of your performance. It was a pleasure to read. Congratulations on a strong performance and receive our best wishes for continued success in medical school next year.

So that's it. I now have 5.5 weeks to study for Step 1, followed by 1 week of vacation before I begin Bridge Week and my first block of rotations. (I still don't know what my rotation schedule is, which is kind of annoying. Hopefully I will find out soon.)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats and I am looking forward to reading about your rotations.