Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday and Wednesday Stuff

Yesterday was a really short day. We just had one seminar on HLA matching and blood typing. I think there was another optional micro review session before that, but I didn't go in early. Today we had an antibiotics pharm seminar and PBL in the morning. Then we had a mandatory FCM Course Evaluation in the afternoon. The course director wanted to get feedback from us about FCM, the physical diagnosis class, and the clinics. Several people in my class are unfortunate enough to have to drive long distances for their clinics, which is really going to be hard next year since we have clinic every week. That was the main thing that we talked about during the feedback session.

I don't really have much to suggest on how to make things easier for people who have to drive long distances, so I spent the time working on the eight zillion surveys we have to get done by Friday. We keep getting emails from the college staff to tell us that if we don't get the evals done by Friday, then we won't get our MSPRC letters. It's getting to be a pain to keep filling them out, because they're essays and not just multiple choice. But I can't really complain too much considering that one of my criticisms of some of the FCM faculty was that they didn't provide detailed enough comments so that I could use them as evidence for my portfolio!

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