Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Portfolio, Dermatopath, and Clinic

I got my PA's comments about my portfolio over the weekend, and I just finished making the changes. Most of them were pretty minor things, but I still had eight pages of them to go through. Unless I have to make any other last-minute changes, I'm pretty much finished. I came in over the weekend and printed out all of my evidence. Now I just have to number it all, print out the final copy of my essay, and upload the essay to the portal for the MSRPC to read. They'll start reviewing us on Monday, and we'll get our letters on the fifteenth.

We don't have FCM any more for the year, so we didn't have class until 10 A.M. today. It was a seminar on the histo and path of skin. Ok, I know everyone says that derm is such a great field and all because of the hours and the payments. But it's seriously incredibly disgusting. The blisters and acne and moles and cancer and ulcers....how do people stand looking at this stuff all day, every day? I'd rather not be a doctor at all than be a dermatologist.

It was a slow day during clinic today. I only had one patient, and then I saw a second patient with one of the residents. There weren't any other patients coming and it was pretty quiet in the whole unit, so I went back to the student lounge and started working on numbering my references. I wasn't even supposed to have clinic this week, but my preceptor is going to be out of town next week. So now I'm officially done with clinic for this year, and I'm pretty much done with my portfolio too. Yeah, well, maybe now I can start catching up with some of this week's reading....

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