Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Parasitology Seminar, PBL, and More Portfolios

I am ridiculously tired today, and I came into seminar having done basically none of the copious amount of assigned reading. I meant to do some of it last night. But one of the upcoming first year students is here visiting, and we went for dinner instead. (If you're reading this, and you know who you are, I swear I'm not blaming you!) On the bright side, I made the last set of corrections to my portfolio essay, and now all I have to do is print out the essay for my hard copy and upload the web version. I'm so happy about being done with my portfolio.

We have a short PBL case this week since there was no school Monday. The cases have been getting more complex all year, and now we're getting some where there is more than one thing wrong with the person, or where there is some set of symptoms that kind of leads us in the wrong direction for a while. It's good in a way, because we still get the learning experience of the wrong turns we take. It's probably also good to teach us not to immediately jump to conclusions about a patient's diagnosis! My learning objective this week is about the epidemiology and treatment of infection by Plasmodium parasites. They are the organisms that cause malaria.

I have this afternoon free, so I am going to finish off my portfolio, run some errands, and go to the gym. I would have tomorrow completely off, but I have to come in and meet with my PA at 4:30 to get my portfolio signed off before I actually turn it in.

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