Monday, April 02, 2007

Reproductive Anatomy and PBL

We started our endocrinology and reproductive biology block today. It will be four weeks, and then we have seven weeks of hematology, microbiology, and immunology. That's the end of our entire first year. Time is really flying.

The gynecologic surgeon who did our intro talk today was really good. We had cadaver stations to go over female anatomy and the pelvic area in general. It was really interesting. One of the female cadavers was pre-menopausal, and we were able to see how much larger and better-developed her ovaries were compared with the other, more elderly cadavers. We also had a station about the pelvic bones, and we looked at pelvic ultrasounds in radiology.

Our new PBL case is a good one so far. It's making us review renal and biochem, and there are also some social issues. I'm the computer scribe. I wasn't scheduled to do it until next week, but the person who was supposed to be doing it today was having computer problems, so we swapped weeks. I don't have a learning objective for Wednesday other than to review the renal and biochem. That's ok with me, since I have a lot of other things that I need to do, like my taxes. In fact, I'm leaving for H & R Block right now.

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