Tuesday, April 03, 2007

FCM and Endocrine Histology

Our FCM session today was about the organization of health care. Naturally, of course, we heard a lot about how great the socialized systems of other countries are compared to our own. One of the articles was about the rise of in-store kiosks where you can go see a nurse practitioner for minor health concerns. I actually like that idea as a way to help pick up the slack of not having enough general practitioners. Even general specialties like family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics have become pretty specialized. These people still have to do a year of internship and three years of residency, only to go on to earn much less money than other physicians.

We went over the histology of all of the endocrine glands in seminar today. It wasn't a bad session as far as histology sessions go. The thyroid is particularly cool-looking and interesting. The principal thyroid cells change their shape from flat to columnar, depending on whether they're active. Plus, the thyroid actually stores hormone, unlike most other endocrine glands that just make it when they need it.

That's it for today, but I have a ton of reading to do. They're really loading us up this block. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

CCLCMer I was wondering if we; the incoming first years would be using the same summer block books that you are using now?

CCLCM Student said...

As far as I know, yes, you will. You might want to double check with the office, but our book list was essentially the same as the previous class's.