Friday, March 02, 2007

PBL, POD, and Lunch with My PA

We had another histo session this morning, but I wound up missing it. It's a long story, but I got to school so late that I felt like it wasn't worth going to the seminar just for the end. So I studied in the library for a little while until it was time for PBL. We're done with our PBL case for the week. My learning objective was a total review of material we had covered earlier during the week in seminar, so I made my presentation into a kind of quiz. That went over fairly well, and I think I'll do it again the next time I get a learning objective that we've already covered in seminar.

Our POD speaker today was telling us about iron metabolism. It was a pretty interesting talk. I hadn't realized how many different proteins are required for us to have iron homeostasis. I thought the speaker also tried to make the talk fairly interactive, which is always good. And of course, I did not eat any of the food. Actually, that worked out well, because I took my PA for lunch as a thank you for taking me to the ER and staying all night there with me last weekend. We went on campus to Au Bon Pain, which apparently is a chain that has restaurants in a lot of hospitals. They serve breakfast and lunch there. It has become quite a favorite among the CCLCM staff and students along with the CCF patients. I had lasagna, and it's excellent.

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