Monday, March 05, 2007

Disgusting Anatomy, PBL, and Research Meeting

Today's anatomy lecture was absolutely disgusting. I think I've mentioned before that we have someone (usually a surgeon) give us a brief intro (maybe 20-30 minutes) before we start looking at the prosections with the residents, and today was no different. But the surgeon spent the first few minutes of his talk showing us pictures of various stool samples and other nasty GI things, and then telling us what kind of food it most resembled. This is not a good way to start out at 8 AM on a Monday morning! The anatomy lab part itself was good though. We were going over the vasculature of the GI tract.

I am the leader for PBL this week. Our case is pretty chock full of stuff. We wound up with ELEVEN learning objectives today, which is absolutely insane. So I told the group that we had to combine some of them so that we wouldn't have more than eight, and we managed to get it down to eight. But it's still going to make Wednesday's session hellish, because we have to get through all eight presentations plus the second part of the case. My learning objective is about the normal gut flora. It's actually a pretty interesting topic, and not one that I knew too much about.

In the afternoon, I went over to the lab where I'll be working this summer to talk to them about my research proposal for my clinical research class. I'm working on the methods section now, and I have to present that next week for my class. I'm going to need to go back there, though, because I still don't know much about the statistics. The good news is that there are statisticians here that we can meet with, and they will write the stats section for me. :-)

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