Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Class Meeting and Enzymes

Yesterday, we had the c/0 2011 class meeting after the proteomics seminar. They wanted to tell us about the MS options that are available to us. There are several possible routes, including clinical trials, mechanisms of disease, pathology, epidemiology/biostatistics, anatomy, bioethics, biochemistry, public health, business administration, and coming soon, pharmacology. Some MS programs require a bunch of extra classes, but it turns out that several of them only require a few extra classes on top of what we're already doing for our CCLCM curriculum. So now it looks like the majority of the class is planning to do one of these programs. Even some of the people who came here already having graduate degrees were saying that they thought they would get a second MS. It really makes sense to get one, especially considering that we are going to be here for five years anyway.

Our PSS today covered enzymes. One thing we came to realize is that a lot of terms are used interchangeably to mean different concepts. That caused some uncertainty about how to answer some of the questions, because we didn't always know which definition to use. Overall though I think the PSS went well. Our group has really gotten to the point where we work well together and the sessions are helpful learning experiences. Tomorrow we are going to learn how to use the PBL room equipment, and between that and the library information session, we should be in excellent shape for the rest of this module.

The other good news is that the heat wave we've been having in Cleveland is about to break. Tomorrow is supposed to be stormy, but the good part is that the high is only 82. We are all ready to have some cooler weather.

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Sara said...

It is supposed to be cooler here tomorrow too.

I miss ya. :)