Friday, December 14, 2007

Surviving My MS

Yesterday was kind of a hectic day, but I did get my paper done in time, and I gave my presentation for class. I got a few good suggestions as well as one softball question from someone who missed the first part where I explained the rationale. So that's it. I'm officially done with my second MS class. One more week to go until break!

Today's seminars were on thyroid disease and autoimmunity of the endocrine system. They were both good ones. The first one was taught by the doc who heads this block, and he's a really energetic and enthusiastic kind of guy. The second one was a really good review of the immunology we covered last spring, and it also specifically went into how the immune system interacts with the endocrine system.

For POD, we had the group presentations on the projects we came up with last week, and these were much smoother than the previous time we did this. Our group was the only one that came up with the stem cell idea, which is cool. Last time, it seemed like all four groups pretty much came up with the same project.

I am incredibly tired but oh so happy to be done with my MS class. It's not that any of it is hard. It's just a lot of work sometimes. On the good side, I registered for my courses for next semester today, and I just realized that I have basically finished the entire MS except for my advanced stats class and the research year/thesis. That's pretty incredible. No wonder I feel so tired. I basically did all of my MS coursework except one class in one year while being a full-time medical student! I could do the advanced stats class next semester, but I decided not to because I want to have some time to start studying pharm and micro before the final push to study for Step 1. This year is just going by so fast....

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