Friday, December 05, 2008


This week, I have been rounding at the VA in the mornings, and then going to Elderhealth in the afternoons. Elderhealth is a community center where UH has an outpatient facility for geriatrics patients. There is a general geriatrics clinic similar to the one at the VA, and also geriatrics subspecialty clinics.

Monday afternoon, I worked with a geriatric psychiatrist. Well, to be more exact, I shadowed a geriatric psychiatrist. This was my least favorite day. Not only did I not get to do anything, but some of the team members were kind of patronizing toward the patients. Tuesday, I worked with a geriatric neurologist. That was a lot more fun. The attending was cool, and he had me interview and examine a challenging patient who had several findings. He also had me write a note, which was less fun, because they don't use electronic medical records at Elderhealth. My patient's chart must have been at least two inches thick. I hadn't realized how spoiled I became at CCF (and even the VA), where we have electronic charts!

Wednesday, I worked with a general geriatrician who also goes out to nursing homes. She was great also, letting me see patients and teaching me a lot. Thursday I went with her to the nursing/retirement home. It was a lot nicer than I expected. If I had to be in a retirement or nursing home some day, I wouldn't mind living in this one. They had a computer room, a library, even a beauty shop, all on site. The patients all knew my attending and were excited about us coming to visit. I spent most of my time interviewing a couple of her patients who she thought would be interesting. One of them had no short term memory. It made having a conversation kind of frustrating, because she could tell me things from decades ago, but she couldn't remember what we had discussed a few minutes ago. I spent a lot of time telling her over and over again who I was and what medical school I attend.

Today I was at the VA all day. We have a new inpatient attending who is into teaching. He pimps us a lot, but it's mostly stuff we should know, like blood pressure drugs. Our patients were on two different floors, and he likes taking the stairs, so I got to spend some more time on the VA stairmaster. The other good thing about him is that he finishes rounds quickly.

I guess winter is here. It's been kind of flurrying every day, and now the snow is sticking. Definitely time to pull out my snow boots.


Scout said...

hmm... maybe when the team members are old, someone else will be patronizing to them

CCLCM Student said...

You never know.