Friday, October 31, 2008

End of Block One

I took the NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) exam this morning. We had yesterday off from clinic to study, but I mainly spent the whole day in bed and just did a little reading. There is nothing that I'm going to learn in one day that I should have learned in the past four months. This NBME is a practice Step 2 test that is now optional for CCLCM students but still required for UP students. The good thing about the test being optional is that it is not at all stressful for us. The downside of it being optional is that it is now only offered at Case. I went over there with some of my friends from the UP, because I still get hopelessly lost every time I try to find my way around the Case medical school buildings. The test itself didn't seem too bad. I think I probably did better this time, even without specifically studying for it.

After the test, we had to go back to CCF to meet with the BAT (Block Assessment Team). This time they just had us all meet as a group and we went through to give our suggestions about each rotation. They also gave us a free lunch. We were supposed to have individual meetings with the BAT afterward, but fortunately the faculty decided that it wasn't necessary. I went and met with my PA and then went home.

I am incredibly grateful to be done with Medicine for good. If I were still on this rotation, I would have had another black weekend this weekend. My team was joking with me on Wednesday that I could still come in and take call with them if I wanted. I told them I'd try not to feel too bad for them while I was sleeping in tomorrow! Now that I think about it, they really got screwed, because this weekend is the end of Daylight Savings Time. So they are going to have an extra hour on call since they both will be on in the middle of the night when the clocks get switched back.

Some of my classmates are going to the Weatherheadless Ball at the business school tonight, but my exciting plans for Halloween include a fluffy pillow and a down comforter, both of which I have seen way too little of over the past few months.

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