Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Waiting on my Step 1 Score

Today is Tuesday, and the next batch of Step 1 scores should be coming out tonight at midnight. It has been exactly three weeks since I took the test, so it's possible that mine will come out tonight. I'm hoping it will, but I'm also trying not to get my hopes up too much, if that makes sense. At this point, I really just want to know how I did so that I can make whatever plans I need to retake, or study my butt off for Step 2, or plan the celebration, or whatever.

Yesterday, I had clinic in the morning and then another anatomy session on the extremities and pelvis in the afternoon. I was kind of annoyed about having to come all the way downtown to Main Campus for a 1.5 hour anatomy session. But it was required, so I went. Actually, it was really good. These ortho residents were much nicer about pimping us gently than the thoracic surgery residents were last week. The only bad thing was that the cadaver with the arm dissection was kind of sick looking, mainly because of how the skin was peeling off. It made me feel a little nauseated, and I had to take a quick break.

The preceptor I was supposed to work with this morning isn't here this week, so I wound up spending the whole day working with my afternoon preceptor. I haven't worked with him before, but he's pretty cool too. All the family docs have been cool. I screwed up a Pap smear today, mainly because I still don't have the knack of using these plastic speculums. I always have a hard time finding the cervix with them. Plus, this patient had a lot of discharge, and it was hard for me to see what I was doing. On the bright side, it looks like I'll be getting plenty of practice. There is another Pap on the schedule for my morning preceptor tomorrow. I definitely need to work on the neuro and musculoskeletal exams some more also. The doc today loaned me a physical diagnosis book that goes over these exams and told me to practice at home. It's a good book, actually, because it takes you through the exams step by step. Maybe this weekend I will talk someone into letting me practice on them.

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