Friday, May 02, 2008

Done with My Summative Portfolio

Our summative portfolios are due next week, but I wanted to get mine turned in early so that I could start studying for Step 1. I'm going to take my diagnostic exam on Tuesday since I don't have to go to clinic any more. (My advice to current and future second years: don't miss any longitudinal clinic days from September to April. That way, you can have no clinic afternoons for the entire month of May when you need that time the most.) The administration took pity on us and didn't require us to print out all the evidence and make those ridiculous binders like we had to do last year. One of my classmates came up with the idea of saving everything on a CD and turning that in. I thought it was a really good suggestion, but so far the powers that be haven't warmed up to the idea too much.

Not too much else exciting going on. The work load is starting to wind down so that we can have extra time to study. FCM ended back in March. We don't have any more Wednesday afternoon communication/physical diagnosis classes or Friday ARM/POD seminars. There was a meeting this afternoon about planning out the research year, but I didn't have to go since I'm only doing a month of research next year. I think this is the first time since I started medical school that I had every single afternoon off for the entire week. I've been using the extra time to work on pharm.

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