Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring Break!

It's finally Friday, and I am going home for spring break. The rest of this week has been pretty slow. I usually have a clinical correlation or some other clinic thing on Wednesdays, but this week there wasn't one. Not that I could go home early, mind you, because I had to hang around until 4 PM to meet with my advisor about my portfolio. I had brought books with me to study, so it wasn't a waste of time, but I felt kind of grumpy about it anyway when everyone else took off on Wednesday afternoon and I couldn't. The actual meeting didn't make me feel much better, considering that the changes my advisor wants are pretty picky and don't really relate to the content of my essay. Even so, it will still take me a few hours to get them all done.

We got out extra early today because there was no POD, so that was a plus. The cardiac surgeon I shadowed last summer was supposed to lead one of our seminars today, but he wasn't able to get out of the OR. So the cardiologist who is in charge of this block did the best he could to lead the surgeon's seminar, but it was kind of rough going since a lot of the slides weren't labeled and he doesn't know all of that surgery stuff anyway.

I'm on vacation all next week, and I'll be back the second week of March.

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