Friday, January 25, 2008

Kind of a Slow Week

I haven't had too much exciting going on this week since I didn't have any clinic on Wednesday after all. I was supposed to have had my first acute care session, but now I'm having it the Friday after next instead. That made this week pretty easy, which was nice, but it means that I'm going to have a three-clinic week in February now. Oh well. Not that I'm really complaining, of course, because I was very happy to have the extra time to study this week. Plus, it feels pretty luxurious to get home in the middle of the afternoon while it's still light out on a Wednesday!

We're still going through lung diseases. Wednesday's seminar was on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and today's was a pharm seminar on drugs for asthma. I really like the pharmacist who led today's seminar. She was the one that I worked with a while back when my longitudinal preceptor was away, and she is super nice and friendly. But this seminar just didn't seem to go well. I don't really even know why. I guess sometimes they just aren't a hit, and today was one of those times. Our POD seminar was on lung stuff too, and it was ok. Maybe it's just the time of year and the cruddy weather we're having, but eh, it's kind of tough to get too gung-ho about much of anything. Our PBL case had a happy ending this week at least, though.

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