Wednesday, November 14, 2007

PBL, Pharm, Peds Clinic, and Portfolio

Today's portion of the CCLCM curriculum is obviously sponsored by the letter P.

Our PBL case took a little twist that seems kind of farfetched, but at least it kept things interesting. I wasn't able to find any good pictures about my learning objective topic, so I had to do a "chalk talk" for my presentation. The only reason I don't like doing that is because then there's nothing for people to look at later on the portal, but it couldn't be helped. After PBL, we had a seminar about contraceptives. I like the pharmacist who led the seminar, but this seminar didn't seem to go very smoothly. She has led other seminars for us before, and I don't remember them being this disjointed. We had a lot of time in between discussing questions where we were supposed to be looking things up in small groups, but I don't feel like I got as much out of it as usual, and people weren't participating much today. Maybe it's a general feeling of being tired and ready for Thanksgiving, and plus our first portfolios are due tomorrow. I already finished mine and submitted it. I had to get it done early because I'm going to a conference tomorrow.

Peds clinic this afternoon was great again. I was working with the same adolescent medicine specialist that I worked with last time, and we saw a bunch of really interesting cases. This time there were a couple of little kids thrown in there too, and I even enjoyed examining them since they weren't screaming. The one kid who did scream was an older kid who I swear had a temper tantrum right there in the doctor's office, but luckily I didn't have to examine that one. There's something particularly irritating to me about really little kids screaming--I think it's just that their screams are so shrill. Even though I really like adolescent medicine, I'm not sure I'd realistically survive a three year peds residency.

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