Monday, November 05, 2007

Blogger Challenge Update

Yesterday, a very generous reader donated the remaining amount needed to fully fund the Mississippi skeleton project. I received a very nice letter from the teacher of this class, and I would like to post it here so that everyone who contributed to funding this project will know how much this teacher and her students appreciate what you've done for them.

Thank you so much! I cannot wait until school takes in on Monday to tell my students about your wonderful gift to them! They will be thrilled! Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel. The impact of your generosity will continue through the years to come, and I will make certain that my students remember that a stranger out there cared enough about them to make sure they got what they needed for their education. You will never know the boost to their esteem that such thing produces. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my students, bless you!

I would like to again thank ALL of you generous readers who have donated to the CCLCM Student Blogger Challenge. At this point, we have raised a grand total of $494 to help low-income middle school students, and we have fully funded the Mississippi skeleton project. However, the Bronx reading project still needs another $401. If any of you have been thinking about donating but haven't gotten around to it yet, please consider giving a few dollars so that we can get those books to the kids.

Also, I was looking around on Donors Choose some more over the weekend, and there are so many great medicine and science-themed projects that need funding. I wish I could fund them all. If some of you readers are looking to make a tax-deductible contribution to charity before 2007 slips away from us, here are some other projects that caught my eye. The expiration date is the date when Donors Choose will remove that proposal from their website if it has not been fully funded by that point.

Concentrated Science Investigation (CSI) is a proposal to buy a set of forensics kits for inner city middle school children in North Carolina--expires April 27

First Step Lab, Second Step Nursing School is a proposal to buy two balances for use by low-income, pre-nursing high school students in rural Mississipi--expires April 29

Skeleton in the Classroom is a proposal to buy a model skeleton for inner city elementary school children in Texas--expires June 16

1-2-3..Bison To The Rescue! is a proposal to buy CPR kits to train low income high school students to administer CPR in rural Alabama--expires June 24

Inner Space - What a Trip! is a proposal to buy prepared microscope slides for low income middle school children in rural Mississippi--expires June 27

Protons, Neutrons, Electrons - Oh My! is a proposal to buy chemistry models of DNA and atoms for low income middle school children in rural Mississippi--expires June 27

Exploring The Human Body is a proposal to buy a model of the human body for low income elementary and middle school children in inner city Chicago--expires June 29

Inspiring Future (Urban) Doctors and Nurses is a proposal to buy dissecting supplies for inner city high school students in Massachussetts--expires June 30

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