Friday, September 14, 2007

Heart Center Tour and Class Stuff

Thursday I went to take a tour of the new CCF heart center. It's going to be absolutely incredible: ten stories tall, of which eight floors are for patient care. The top floor will have an outdoor patio and banquet area that looks out over downtown Cleveland and Lake Erie. The view is gorgeous. The nineth floor houses all of the emergency generators for the heart center and the new urological building. There are four of them, and they're enormous. The fourth through eighth floors will have patient rooms, the third floor will be the ORs, and the second floor will have the cath labs. It's going to be absolutely state of the art, and the best part of the whole thing is that it should be opening next summer, just in time for my class to begin our rotations.

It turns out that now we will not be getting our epi assignment until after we get back from break. I'm not thrilled about that, but if they give it to us the first week, it's still early enough to get it done and out of the way before things start getting too crazy with NMS. On the bright side, I am done with my second stats assignment, so at least that's something. In addition, the school has finally begun posting our assignments for next block on the portal. So I guess I'll start doing my school reading over break instead so that I can do my epi assignment during the first week of next block.

In general, I am a very organized person. But I can already see that I will have to be even more organized than normal in order to survive these next three months. I guess if I can make it through my second year of med school, most other things I do in my life will seem pretty easy by comparison!

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