Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Classes, Proposal and Clinic

Today was a very long day, but I have gotten a lot done so far this week. Yesterday we had stats class, and in the afternoon I got my research proposal draft finished. It's due Friday, so I'm actually ahead with my work for once. This morning there were a couple of talks I was interested in attending, but I didn't make either one of them. We had epi this morning (about surveys, not the most interesting) and then I went to clinic.

Clinic was crazy busy. My preceptor didn't have a resident to train today. So I wound up seeing six patients, five on my own. Most were here for fairly mundane things. But there was one patient who had been barbecueing over the weekend and had somehow been splashed smack in the face with boiling hot marinade sauce. It is kind of a bizarre accident to have, but the poor man had serious enough burns on his face that he had gone to the ER to be treated. Fortunately his burns are healing well and they don't look infected. My preceptor described the shape as being "serpiginous." I had never heard that word before, but sure enough, it's a real word. Describing a skin lesion, it means that it has a wavy kind of margin, like the lesions on the foot in this picture. Think like a serpent.

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