Monday, June 04, 2007

Anatomy and PBL

I had a very pleasant, relaxing weekend. There were no portfolio essays to write--I only had to do the usual SAQs and CAPPs. Even our anatomy reading for today was pretty minor, just 8 pages. We did a review of the cranial nerves. It wasn't a bad idea to review them, but I wish we had done this about six months ago when we were struggling to learn the cranial nerve exams in Physical Diagnosis class. Now it's a little anti-climactic.

The new PBL case is pretty interesting so far. Some of the symptoms don't fit with the diagnosis though. I think that this will end up being another case where the patient has two different problems.

I met with my summer research preceptor after lunch to discuss what I'll be doing this summer. I'm going to be working on the same project that I wrote about in the protocol for my clinical research class. I'm really excited about doing this project. My preceptor gave me a copy of the final protocol to read over break, so I'm pretty much all set.

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