Monday, May 07, 2007

Ear Anatomy and PBL

I have a relatively easy week for once: no clinic, no research class. I'll be paying for this toward the end of the month though.

We studied the ear today in anatomy lab. There are actually two senses in the ear: hearing of course, and also the vestibular system. The vestibular system is a part of your sense of balance. And if you're like me, the vestibular system also is why you get motion sick if you go on a boat or try to read in a moving car. We didn't have any cadavers today, just a classroom discussion that was eerily similar to a lecture, and a lab section where we located structures on skulls and models.

The prognosis for the patient from the new PBL case is not looking too good either. Today's session ended with her being told to meet with the hospital social worker after she found out what her diagnosis was. We're getting into a lot more immunology and hematology stuff now compared to last week, which was more microbiology.

There is not much else exciting going on. I'm done for the day. I had a great weekend except for last night, when I was up a little too late getting my CAPPs and SAQs done. I always plan to finish them on Friday, but somehow I always wind up doing them on Sunday night....

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