Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Two Seminars and PBL

We had a genetics of obesity seminar today by the same prof who taught us genetics over the summer. He's an amazingly nice guy, but his seminars still need some help. They always go over time, and they aren't interactive enough. But the thing that really annoyed me is that the assigned readings weren't on the portal until yesterday, which meant that I came to seminar today without having even looked at them. I had clinic yesterday afternoon, and I had to do my PBL learning objective, so I didn't even get the seminar readings printed out until this morning. Even though I probably wouldn't have been able to finish them all anyway, I don't understand why the assignments can't be posted at least a week in advance for every seminar. I plan to go back and read them later when I have time, because I'm very interested in this topic.

The second seminar was about renal hormones, mainly ADH. Apparently the person who was supposed to lead it couldn't come at the last minute, so we had a sub. She did her best under the circumstances, but it wasn't the best organized seminar I've ever attended. Overall, today was not the best seminar day we've ever had.

Our PBL case is taking some funny turns. The patient is not being compliant with her treatments and is doing things like missing appointments. It makes the case more like real life, but it also forces us to spend more time on SLEEP issues during PBL. I'm happy with how my learning objective turned out though. I didn't realize this, but apparently thyroid embryology is important to know for the Boards. Meh, just about everything seems to be important for the stupid Boards. I feel like I will never be able to retain it all.


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