Tuesday, April 17, 2007

FCM, Female Histo, and Pediatric Clinic

Our FCM session today was about rationing health care. It was basically another rehashing of the same old stuff: health care is not equally accessible to everyone, and the poor get the short end of the stick. I'm still not too comfortable with this business of calling health care a "right." The problem is that healthcare doesn't grow on trees. I can't just go out and pick some when I want it, or buy it on sale at my local store. It's a service, and I have to get someone else to provide me with that service. Unsurprisingly, most people do not want to provide their time and services for free. But if I have a "right" to health care, then how can someone deny me that right by refusing to give me the service when I want it? Maybe it's a semantic issue, because we already have a system where people can get emergency service regardless of their ability to pay. Anyway, better minds than mine have failed to solve this problem. I skipped the big group lecture afterward so that I could work on the reading for peds clinic.

We had two seminars. My first one was on female reproductive tract histology. The seminar leader was pretty good. She had made a great review sheet for us. Also, we were up in the library and only half of us were in there at a time, so it wasn't too crowded. The other seminar was about hormonal regulation of the menstrual cycle, and I thought that one was pretty good too. We went through some cases and worked through what was going wrong with the woman's menstrual cycle. I like when we go through cases like that instead of just having lectures.

In the afternoon, I had my peds clinic. The preceptor was really young and nice. Basically I went with her into the rooms and repeated the exams after she did them. Most of her patients were teenagers except for one little girl who was about seven. That girl was really well-behaved and sweet, but unfortunately she had a serious illness that required surgery. Her parents had brought her in to get a checkup because she was having the surgery tomorrow. She had already been on all kinds of medications, but unfortunately, they hadn't controlled her illness.

The teenagers were a mixed bag. One had trouble concentrating and was on drugs for that. Not so interesting. Another had hurt her knee wrestling. Barely interesting. But the others were better. One was having problems with a medication she was taking, and I spent a lot of time talking to her and her mother about the symptoms she was having. The other was a boy who had come in for a physical. You wouldn't think that would be so exciting, but he refused to let the doctor perform the prostate and genital exam. She made his mother leave the room to see if that would make him feel better about it, but he still refused. Well, it probably didn't help that his mom commented as she walked out of the room that the doctor looks at little boys all day, so he should just let the doctor look at him!


Anonymous said...

is it possible to do research year outside of cclcm? so let's say you're a boston native, can you just do the M3 or M5 research year at mass general.
or do they force you to do it at cclcm? iknow at duke, for their 3rd year, they're allowed to research any location.

Anonymous said...

how much socializing is there with case students? 32 is small so am worried it may not be alot.

do many ppl room alone the first year?

CCLCM Student said...

First question:
Yes, you can do your research year away from CCF. You'd have to set it up with your PA. But just to clarify, you can't do your research year during M5 because your thesis is due in Jan. of M5.

Second question:
It varies. Some people room with Case students and go to a lot of the Case social events. Some people never see them. I have a couple of friends from Case that I met at Second Look, Doc Opera, and CHI (the Case students are volunteering in our free clinic now too). But I wouldn't say that I mostly socialize with them. I don't tend to do most of the CCLCM social events either though, so that may just be me. :-P

I would say about half of us have our own places and half share with other CCLCM or Case students. And a few people in my class are married, so obviously they live with their spouses.