Thursday, March 22, 2007

Clinical Research, Anatomy Office Hours, and Second Look

Today's clinical research class wasn't as rough as some of the others. The speaker still had three hours worth of powerpoint slides for us, but at least we had some times in between where she broke us up into groups to do activities and exercises. The topic today was on designing clinical trials for new medical tests. She had us do some sample calculations and also come up with ways to evaluate a particular medical test. On the not so good side, she gave us homework to do over break. We have to do some calculations and draw graphs. Great, as if I needed more work to do over break. (Envision that I'm rolling my eyes here.)

I went to office hours for anatomy in the afternoon. I was the only one there at first, but then one of my classmates came just as I was leaving. It was hard to concentrate on what I was doing. I think that a lot of us are just tired and ready for the block to be over. I know that I am.

The second look started this afternoon. I didn't see any of the prospective students though because they were over at the Foundation House all day. (That's the really nice mansion where a lot of the swanky functions are held.) Tonight there is a bowling social activity (why do second looks ALWAYS involve bowling???), but I'm not going to go. It doesn't start until ten, and I have seminar tomorrow at eight as usual. Plus I'm behind with the reading for tomorrow, also as usual. :-P

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