Thursday, February 22, 2007

How to Create a Survey

I had my clinical research class today. We were going over methods to develop surveys and questionnaires for research. It's a lot more complicated of a task than I had ever appreciated. Besides coming up with the questions, you have to figure out how to standardize them and validate them. The instructor had each of us present an article about survey development to the rest of the class. Mine was written by some researchers here at CCF who had come up with a clinic-wide teacher evaluation form to be used by every department and division at CCF. It was fun. I like that we did presentations ourselves instead of having to sit through three straight hours of powerpoints. I don't know what it is, but the longer I'm here, the more I am coming to just detest sitting through lectures and seminars.

My paper was due today, and I finished it and submitted it with no problem. The M2s have a formative portfolio essay due tomorrow, so a lot of them were around today working on them. I have a lot of reading for tomorrow again, and I am totally not in the mood to do any of it. Sigh.

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