Thursday, February 01, 2007

Clinical Research, Histology Review, and Anatomy Office Hours

Today should have been a short day, but that's not how things worked out. I had my clinical research class this morning, and it was like going back to grade school. The speaker was a medical writer who, among other things, reviewed grammar rules with us. I know it's important to consider the audience and make sure my writing is comprehensible to someone who isn't inside my head with me, but wow, three hours of that was a bit rough to endure.

Dr. Prayson had a histology review session for the M1s this morning, but of course the few of us who were taking the clinical research class missed it. I was ok with missing it---I'm pretty sick of histology at this point. But one of my classmates emailed him about it, so he set up a special review session in the afternoon just for us. I didn't really want to go, but I kind of felt obligated to go after he went out of his way to make a second review session. Actually, it turned out to be pretty helpful, and I'm also glad that I went because only one other person besides me showed up. When it was over, I went to anatomy office hours with one of my classmates. There were only two cadavers this week, and Dr. Drake went over them with us. I like neuroanatomy so far. It's a lot more interesting than musculoskeletal was. Obviously I am not cut out to be an orthopedic surgeon, but maybe there is some chance for neurology.

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