Thursday, February 08, 2007

Clinical Research Class

Today's clinical research class was the best one we've had. I suppose I should start out by saying that I didn't get my paper done in time for class, but neither had anyone else. So the prof gave us a two week extension, which was a huge relief. And instead of being subjected to three hours of mind-numbing powerpoints, we spent the entire class period working on editing our papers and making them clearer and easier to read. Each of us projected a section of our paper on the screen and got comments and suggestions from other classmates, the prof, and the writing specialist. (The same lady who spoke to us about scientific writing last week came back to help us some more today.) I thought it was really helpful, and I feel much better about how my paper is shaping up now.

In the afternoon, I went to anatomy office hours and then to the gym. I was trying to study in the library right after lunch, but it was really tough because I'm so freaking tired. I finally had to give up. Now I'm feeling a little better, but I still have to do my learning objective for tomorrow plus finish tomorrow's seminar reading. If I hadn't mentioned it before, this has not been my favorite block. Two more weeks of neuro to go....

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[mt] said...

nice experience..useful for some of us..sometime just look like a routine thing to do..but enjoy it.. :D