Thursday, November 16, 2006

Quiet Thursday

Ah, the best day of the week is here once again. No classes, so I mainly spent today getting caught up on my work and cleaning up this mess of an apartment. Amazingly, there is really a floor under these piles of papers and books. I went over to Case in the evening to be part of a medical student panel that was answering questions for undergrads in the pre-med club. It was kind of hard to get myself to go out because the weather today was absolutely nasty. I know I've complained about it constantly raining in Cleveland several times, but it actually doesn't rain here exactly. It kind of spits at you, making a fine mist that no umbrella or raincoat can keep out, and this literally goes on for days and days at a time. Everything is just cold and damp. The good news is that next week is supposed to be nice in time for Thanksgiving.

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