Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Preparing for New Groups and Objectives

The new groups for PBL starting in October and going through all the rest of the year are now up on the portal. So of course we all had to spend some time today going through them to see who we would still be with next block from our PSS group. One of my PSS group members is with me in the first PBL group. The groups will be changing each block though, so we won't be together any more after that. Our first block is going to be the cardiovascular system. We have to get a ridiculous number of books. This is going to be an expensive semester! The good thing though is that most of these books are used for the entire first year. After this we will only have to buy a couple of books each block that specifically pertain to that organ system.

On a mostly unrelated note, for every PSS, we have a list of objectives that we are supposed to get out of doing the reading for that day and also from the problem set. Today's PSS went fine, but the objectives for the session had absolutely nothing to do with the reading that we had. I guess the course director figured out the same thing, because she sent us a revised list of objectives afterward. It's not a big deal in the whole scheme of things, but since my group likes to prepare the objectives and go over them before starting on the problem set, it kind of made things confusing for us today.

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