Monday, August 14, 2006

House of Blues

I went to a comedy show last night at the House of Blues in downtown Cleveland. It was surprisingly good; the main act was called Last Call Cleveland. They did a bunch of skits and little songs, and they also showed several clips of other acts they had done while they were setting up for the next skit. One cute clip showed two of them at a lake trying to attract a duck using bigger and better lures, until finally a female duck came and the duck flew away with her. In one of the funniest ones, they got a guy who does TV ads for a local furniture store, and they had him go to the beach and do his ad for random people who were at the beach. I hadn't even seen the commercials, but it was still really funny. What made it so funny was the looks on the people's faces when this guy came up to them and did his spiel. Apparently Last Call Cleveland has a pretty good local following, from what I can tell.

Today was another PSS day. This week we are working on nucleic acids, starting with DNA. Most of the material from the reading was review about the structure of DNA, how DNA replication is semiconservative, etc. We finished our questions early too, because some of them came right from the reading. In the afternoon it was pouring right around the time I wanted to go home from the lab (of course!), but I managed not to get too wet. Other than that, the weather has been pretty nice this week: 80ish during the day and mid sixties or so at night.

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