Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Third Day of Orientation

Today we had our TB tests read, and then we heard several more talks about various subjects like student health, the CCLCM office staff and their responsibilities, financial aid, and employee/student wellness. The student health is nondescript and about what you'd expect: as Case students, we would go to the Student Health Center there, and we are eligible for the Case Student Health Insurance Plan. We were then introduced to many of the people who work behind the scenes to run our program. Some of them were people we had "met" by email, so it was good to finally put the names with the faces. Financial aid is an important issue at an expensive, private school like Case. CCLCM has its own financial aid independent of Case, and that tends to work out in our favor in terms of getting a good aid package. Finally, the wellness talk was to let us know about the services that are available to us as students through CCF, which are mainly free access to the CCF gym and free lifestyle and mental health counseling services if needed. We also were told what to do in case of an accidental needle stick, which is basically to report it so that prophylactic measures can be taken.

Several of us have already been going to the CCF gym, and it's a pretty nice gym, especially for the price. It's located in the Walker building, which is about 4 blocks away from the Lerner Institute. They have just about everything there: a weight room, cardio room, gymnasium with basketball courts, an indoor swimming pool, and an indoor track. There are also lockers available for daily use and free towels for us to use, too. I plan to go after class every day from now on. Speaking of lockers, we have lockers in the Lerner Institute as well. I know that every med student says that med school is just like high school, but the fact that we have lockers like this definitely adds to that aura.

I did two more HIPAA modules today, so only two left to go. More tomorrow. I'm exhausted.

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